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At Wonder Grip®, we offer gloves that protect your hands from chemical hazards.

Chemical hazards can be the cause of many injuries, such as burns, which is why appropriate PPE should be used when the job requires the handling of chemicals.

The EN-374 standard

What are EN standards?

EN standards represent European norms that allow companies and individuals to compare different products with each other and choose the most suitable for the risks they may encounter. The purpose of these standards is to also allow the improvement of the visibility of the products and their understanding within and outside the European territory.

To be recognized as European standards, the technical standard must be ratified by one of the three European standardization organizations (ESOS), which are the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). EN standards are designated and created through a transparent, open, and consensual process.

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What is the EN standard for chemicals?

The standard against chemical risks is EN 374. Accredited products are marked with the EN 374-2 and EN 374-3 pictograms. Since 2016, a new standard has come out. Accredited products are marked with different symbols. To begin with, EN ISO 374-2 determines that gloves protect against dangerous chemicals. This part determines the penetration resistance: penetration is the movement of a chemical and/or microorganism through holes or other imperfections in a protective glove material at a non-molecular level.

In addition to EN ISO 374-3, EN ISO 374-5 also includes tests to determine protective performance against micro-organisms. These two tests are carried out on Wonder Grip® gloves to accredit them to the EN-374 standard. Let’s now see the protective gloves that we offer at Wonder Grip® to overcome chemical risks.

What are the Wonder Grip® gloves offering protection against chemicals?

WG-658L Chem Defender

The Wonder Grip® WG-658L Chem Defender is accredited EN 374-5, but also cut and heat resistant.

It is a nitrile coated glove, efficient as well in dry as in oily or humid environments. The tripled coating of Wonder Grip Technology™ is combined with our preformed moulds TPDT™ (Thermo-Set Pre-Curved Design Technology™): placed inside a mould that reproduces the natural shape of a hand at rest during soaking, the gloves are also washed and dried via a specific in-house developed method, which offers our users freedom of movement and increased sensitivity, offering excellent ergonomic performance as well as unrivalled grip

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A good asset of this glove is also the length of the cuff, 30 centimetres, which allows the hands of the users to be fully protected, and the cuff can be folded to prevent the chemical from dripping down the wearer’s arms and body. 

This glove can be useful for applications related to oil and gas, agriculture, and waste management. 

WG-758L Dexcut®

The Wonder Grip® WG-758L Dexcut® was developed to answer nowadays demanding and increasingly complex working environments. Our protective glove offers exceptional dexterity and tactility, surpassing industry standards, thanks to the integrated 15-gauge cut-resistant liner, into a nitrile shell. 

Our WG-758L is chemical and cut-resistant certified and features the appropriate protection against chemicals and medium-cut hazards. This protective glove combines the TPDT™ technology with our Wonder Grip Technology™ nitrile coating: this technology consists of creating specific asperities on the coated surface of the glove, hence reproducing the sucking effect of a force cup. This technology is specifically designed for augmenting grip, equally in damp, dry or oily conditions. In a nutshell, Wonder Grip Technology™ reduces the force required to move objects and considerably increases grip control in dry but also slippery environments. And this is proven: results of tests conducted by BOKEN Japan, an independent material test and control agency, demonstrated an increase in the friction coefficient, or in other words, the prehension force and grip of 36% for the nitrile coatings featuring Wonder Grip Technology™! Thus, the high grip performance prevents hand fatigue and contributes to safer handling of hazardous goods.

Our WG-758L is therefore the perfect solution for excellent ergonomic performance and unrivalled grip in slippery environments. In addition, the long cuff can be folded on our WG-758L Dexcut®, to provide increased protection, preventing chemicals from dripping down the user’s arms and body. The protective glove has a cut protection level of A3/C, and it also features heat protection. Finally, this glove can for example be useful for applications related to agriculture, waste management and oil and gas. 

OP-600L Opty™

The Wonder Grip OP-600L OPTY™ glove is our new protective glove efficient against chemical risks in dry, oily or humid environments. The palm coating of this protective glove features a rough finish, allowing additional grip control in every environment: dry, as well as humid, or even oily: this glove features a triple PVC coating ensuring a perfect oil resistance. Nevertheless, the coating is soft and allows enhanced hand movements for superior dexterity and reduced muscular fatigue

In addition, the liner made of seamless cotton offers an incomparable dexterity, combined with an optimized fit and extended anti-wear properties to allow safe handling of chemicals

Finally, the hands of the user are fully protected with the long cuff (30cm length). This length allows increased protection, can also be folded to prevent chemicals from dripping down the wearer’s arms and body, and can be useful for applications related to agriculture, construction and public works, waste management, oil and gas and the mining industry. 

This glove is accredited EN 374: 2016 with the AKJ test, meaning that the permeation test was done and succeeded with methanol, n-Heptane and Sodium Hydroxide 40%. This is type B protection: in contact for more than 30 minutes with these chemicals, the glove was proven impervious

Also accredited EN 374-5:2016, our OP-600L OPTY™ protective glove has proven to protect against bacteria and fungi

At Wonder Grip®, we offer a wide range of glove choices to suit your needs. To help you with your choice, we created a guide to find your perfect fit. You can find it on our product page. 

Give your hands the protection they deserve.

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