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Winter is coming, and at Wonder Grip®, we offer a wide selection of gloves offering cold protection.

How is cold resistance measured?

The cold resistance can be determined by looking at the EN 511 score of a product. European standard EN 511 specifies the thermal resistance and insulation capacities of protective gloves against convection cold and direct contact cold down to -50°C.

The levels of resistance to cold and water penetration make it possible to assess the effectiveness of the protective glove depending on the environment and the tasks to be performed. To be EN 511 standardized, PPEs undergo various tests:

The first one is the resistance to convective cold. In order to measure the thermal insulation of a protective glove, it has to go through a test that will determine the power required for it to maintain a constant temperature between the surface of the preheated hand and the cold ambient atmosphere. This level of performance is characterized by a number between 0 and 4.

The second one is the resistance to contact cold. This test measures the thermal resistance of the material used for the design of the glove when it meets a cold object. This resistance class is also classified between 0 and 4.

Finally, the glove is immersed in water, up to the wrist line, for 5 minutes to determine its resistance to water penetration.

What are Wonder Grip®’s gloves resistant to cold?

Our gloves specialised for cold are tested for their resistance to contact cold and are rated X1X or X2X by the EN 511 standard. We offer many different possibilities to allow you to choose the best suitable glove. Here is a small overview of the solutions we offer for cold protection at Wonder Grip®.

Our protective gloves offer great dexterity in a cold environment.

Among our gloves that offer excellent dexterity as well as great comfort even in cold environments, we can find the WG-320O Thermo Lite. It features a double latex coating, a premium brushed acrylic liner that provides additional insulation and protection against cold, while also giving a high adhesion performance for safe handling in wet and dry applications.

Our fully waterproof protective gloves

Our cold weather gloves can be classified into three waterproofing levels: tightness of the palms, of the fist, as well as in some cases a total waterproofness (except for the cuff).

Among these fully waterproof protective gloves, we can find the WG-338W Thermo Plus Double. This protective glove is designed specifically for working in wet and cold environments. It provides comfort, warmth, and high visibility to the user for increased safety.

Our protective gloves compatible with screens

At Wonder Grip®, we offer gloves that benefit from Touch Screen Technology: these protective gloves can be used on digital devices and are therefore adapted to today’s work environments.

The range of cold protection products, especially with the WG-520 IT Thermo Lite IT, is no exception to the rule. In addition to benefiting from this compatibility with electronic devices, this glove is the protection of choice for users looking to achieve the best fit, great dexterity and good comfort while keeping their hands warm. But that’s not all, this glove is also resistant to heat, with an EN 407 score of X1XXXX and its colour, the high-visibility orange, allows an increased safety.

Our nitrile gloves

While most of our cold weather gloves are made in latex, we also offer nitrile gloves. This is for example the case of the WG-538 Freeze Flex Plus, which is our latest innovation for cold resistance. It benefits from our SNZT™ technology, which, unlike the standard nitrile formulation, is specially designed to remain flexible in an environment below 0 °C, so that the gloves do not stiffen, crack, or do not lose their resistance to industrial oils. Thanks to this technology, our WG-538 Freeze Flex Plus remains flexible and grippy, even in extremely cold environments, down to -20°C.

In addition, because the glove liner is made from two layers of soft acrylic, the breathable liner keeps the wearer’s hands warm inside the glove and prevents heat loss due to convection.

Our gloves compatible with food contact

The food-contact suitability of our gloves means that the materials meet specific regulatory requirements ensuring that there is no risk of toxicity to the food or drink with which it could be in contact if it is normally used.

Among our cold gloves compatible with food contact, we can find the WG-338 Thermo Plus. This glove is quite exceptional since in addition to being compatible with food and protecting against the cold, it is also cut-resistant, resistant to heat and its high visibility orange colour provides increased safety in the workplace. And last but not least, it offers unparalleled comfort, dexterity, and flexibility.

Our protective gloves against cross risks

Just like the WG-338 Thermo Plus we talked about just above, at Wonder Grip®, we offer two ranges of gloves that protect not only from the cold but also from heat or even cuts.

In our Dexcut® range

Our Dexcut® range offers cut resistant gloves. Some of these gloves are also resistant against the cold, such as our WG-780 DEXCUT®, which offers a cut level A3/D as well as a cold resistance X1X. Just like our WG-538 Freeze Flex Plus mentioned above, it benefits from our SZNT™ technology, which allows it to remain flexible even in very cold conditions. It is the ideal glove for outdoor winter work, as it also offers an unmatched level of comfort.

In our Rock & Stone range

Our Rock & Stone range offers gloves that combine rugged protection with excellent dexterity. In addition to being cold-resistant, with a score of X1X for our WG-333 Rock & Stone, they not only provide cut resistance but also heat resistance. The WG-333 Rock & Stone has a non-slip surface allowing full grip. It has an extremely durable latex coating with increased strength around the thumb to provide a long life.

As you can see, our offer is wide and allows you to choose the glove that really suits your needs. In order to help you with your choice, you can find a guide to help you find your perfect fit on our product page.

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