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At Wonder Grip, we offer a wide range of gloves perfect in wet conditions.

How are waterproof gloves tested?

The water penetration test is used when determining the EN511 score of a product. The glove is submerged in water for 30 minutes, if water passes through to the inside it will class as a fail and shown with 0. However, if after 30 minutes the water hasn’t penetrated to the inside, the glove will score a pass and be shown as 1.

What is the difference between waterproof, water-repellent and waster-resistant gloves?

Waterproof means the glove is impermeable, and its protection cannot be easily breached by water. Almost any fully coated glove with a polymer, such as nitrile, PVC, or latex, will provide a waterproof barrier. However, as you’ll read next, there are different technologies and features found across all these options.

Water-repellent refers to material not easily breached by water, especially due to being treated with a protective coating. Water-repellent coatings repel water, making them hydrophobic and providing slightly more protection against water than water-resistant items. However, like water-resistant gloves both water-repellent and oil-repellent will not hold up to water submersion. The water-repellent coating only adds an extra layer of defence over water-resistant gloves.

Water-resistant means the material can resist penetration by water, but only to a limited degree. This term is often used to describe protective clothing. Most gloves that you put over your hand will initially resist water to some degree. However, once the glove is submerged in water, the glove will pass through inside.

Which are Wonder Grip®'s waterproof gloves?

Our fully waterproof range of gloves comprises our very popular Aqua and Thermo Plus ranges of gloves.

Our fully waterproof protective gloves

Our Wonder Grip® WG-318 Aqua is a double latex fully coated glove, constructed on a 13-gauge nylon liner. Thanks to Wonder Grip Technology™, the coating brings an unparalleled grip and strength in wet environments. It also has a water-repellent coating with a natural fit, for continuous comfort over long periods of use.

The WG-338 Thermo Plus and WG-338W Thermo Plus Double are 100% waterproof as well as being cold and heat resistant and having cut level A3/C protection.

Our gloves for liquid and cold-resistance

We have a range of gloves that are liquid-repellent and cold-resistant such as the WG-538 Freeze Flex Plus. This glove includes the latest innovation in cold-resistant hand protection using a specifically developed nitrile coating, SZNT™. It is a fully double coated cold-resistant glove that also remains flexible and comfortable to use in wet and below freezing conditions.

Our gloves for liquid and oil protection

We have a large range of gloves that provide protection against liquids and industrial oils. Our WG-518W Oil Plus and WG-528L Oil Guard are both constructed on a 15-gauge nylon liner and thanks to Wonder Grip Technology™, the coating brings excellent dexterity and grip in wet environments. They also ensure outstanding protection in wet, greasy or oily environments.

The Dexcut® range with liquid and oil protection

The Dexcut® range with liquid and oil protection includes our WG-718, WG-728L and WG-758L. These gloves all offer protection against liquid and industrial oils as well as a cut protection ranging from A3/C to A4/E. They all are extremely robust and have a flexible nitrile coating offering unrivalled oil and mechanical resistance.

As you can see, we offer a wide range of glove choices that can suit all your needs. In order to help you with your choice, you can find a guide to help you find your perfect fit on our product page.

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