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At Wonder Grip, we offer a range of cut resistant gloves.

How is cut resistance measured?

Cut resistance can be tested by the EN388 standard for mechanical hazards.

Thanks to this standard, we are able to know certain capacities of a protective glove:

First, the abrasion resistance is tested. It is evaluated in a number of cycles and a protection index of 1 to 4 is then given to the glove. You should know that the higher the index, the better the resistance and the better the protection will be. An “X” means the glove did not pass this particular test.

Then, the resistance to cutting by slicing is tested in turn: it is evaluated in an index called ‘Coup Test’ and gives rise to a classification of the gloves, according to a protection index of 1 to 5 this time.

Tear resistance is also tested thanks to EN388. It is evaluated in Newtons and gives rise to a protection index ranging from 1 to 4.

Finally, this standard also includes resistance to perforation, also evaluated in Newtons and giving rise to a protection index ranging from 1 to 4.


Since 2016, the EN388 standard also includes a new cut resistance test according to the ISO EN13997 method. The resistance is evaluated in Newtons and results in a classification, from A to F, F being the highest, representing the level of protection against cuts. This method tests the cut resistance performance of the glove with a straight blade and higher pressure, therefore showing which gloves perform better.


You can find each criterion under the pictogram of standard EN388 for all Wonder Grip® gloves, allowing you to choose the glove that meets your needs and gives you the right protection.

What are our ranges of cutting gloves at Wonder Grip®?

Our most cut resistant gloves at Wonder Grip® are from the Dexcut®, Rock & Stone, and OPTY™ lines.

The Dexcut® range

The Dexcut® range includes more than 15 gloves specially designed to resist cuts. The minimum cut-off score for Dexcut® gloves is C and goes up to E.


We offer both nitrile and latex gloves in this range.


Wonder Grip® latex gloves benefit from our HDML™ coating. HDML stands for High-Density Molecular Latex and is the next generation latex coating released by Wonder Grip®. The HDML™ formula results from the combination of specific substances in order to obtain a molar concentration higher than the standard latex concentration. This new coating combines a high effective coefficient of friction, excellent wear resistance properties and exceptional gripping performance.


Among our latex gloves with HDML™ technology, we can find the WG-733 DEXCUT®.

Our Dexcut® WG-733 is designed for heavy-duty work in a dry or slightly greasy environment involving medium to heavy cut risks. Wonder Grip® HDML™ coating offers a non-slip surface, exceptional anti-wear properties and double protection against thermal hazards. The unique features of WG-733 make this glove the ultimate heavy-duty solution.

Our nitrile protective gloves benefit from Wonder Grip Technology™ or Wonder Grip Performance™.


Wonder Grip Technology™ consists of creating specific asperities on the coated surface of the glove, hence reproducing the sucking effect of a force cup. This specifically designed augmented grip technology offers the user considerably increased grip equally in damp, dry or oily conditions. In other words, Wonder Grip Technology™ reduces the force required to move objects and considerably increases grip control of all objects, in both dry or slippery environments.

Results of tests conducted by BOKEN Japan, an independent materials test and control agency, demonstrated an increase in the friction coefficient, i.e., prehension force or grip, of 58% for Wonder Grip Technology™ latex coatings, and of 36% for Wonder Grip Technology™ nitrile coatings.



Among our nitrile gloves benefiting from Wonder Grip Technology™, we can find the WG-640+ DEXCUT®.

Our WG-640+ Dexcut® combines flexibility, dexterity and prehension while offering a high cut protection, with its resistance level C (ISO 13997). The ¾ nitrile coating and our high-performance blend of nylon and mineral fibre make this glove the perfect solution for users looking for a glove that can protect hands from intermediate cuts and keep them dry in wet or oily environments.

The Wonder Grip Performance™ coating was developed by our R&D to respond to an increasingly complex and changing work environment. The properties of the Wonder Grip Performance™ formula have enabled the development of an extremely fine and smooth coating offering exceptional levels of sensitivity and dexterity at your fingertips. Wonder Grip Performance™ blend is also latex and silicone-free. As a result, users will benefit from exceptional flexibility, a high level of tactility and maximum control when working in a dry environment.


One of the nitrile gloves with Wonder Grip Performance™ is WG-795 DEXCUT®.

The WG-795 Dexcut® is a 13-gauge single nitrile coated glove with excellent cut resistance (ISO 13997 level E – ANSI: 2016 grade A5). Fibreglass free, this glove is constructed around a knitted HPPE and stainless-steel backing providing unmatched comfort and flexibility properties. Thanks to Wonder Grip Performance™, the WG-795 Dexcut® also benefits from contact heat resistance (EN407: 2004 X1XXXX) and a strong grip. The WG-795, in addition to providing high protection, is compatible with all screens.

The Rock & Stone range

The peculiarity of our Rock & Stone gloves is that they combine triple resistance to cut, heat, and cold while providing exceptional grip.


First, we find our WG-333 Rock & Stone. This glove is ideal for all manual work requiring robust protection combined with dexterity. It is resistant to cold as well as to contact heat. Thanks to its rough surface, the surface is non-slippery and the grip on objects is outstanding. This exceptional grip makes this glove the perfect protection for construction works. The user will also be protected when using slightly sharp materials. Finally, its comfort is incomparable, thanks in particular to the respect for the natural shape of the hand.

Finally, in this range, we also find the WG-333+ Rock & Stone+. This is a glove with a double latex coating built on a 10-gauge cotton and polyester liner. The specially developed HDML™ coating by Wonder Grip® provides a non-slip surface for exceptional grip. This unique product, specially designed for heavy work, combines:
– Triple resistance: heat, cold, cut (level B ISO 13997)
– Robust protection
– non-slip surface for exceptional grip.
This back-coated glove is the perfect solution for users looking for a glove that can protect hands from cuts and keep them dry in wet environments.

The OPTY™ range

In our OPTY™ range, we also have cut resistant gloves.

Our PU coated OPTY™ gloves feature Xtended Performances XP!™ technology, which provides excellent flexibility, uncompromising wear resistance properties and unparalleled grip in a dry environment.


Among the OPTY™ range, we can find the OP-1865 OPTY™. This is the solution for users looking for a glove that combines high protection through cut resistance (ISO13997 level B and ANSI A2) and high dexterity (18-gauge).

What are the protective solutions for cross risks?

At Wonder Grip, we offer solutions that combine cut protection with resistance to other risks: liquids, cold, heat and even chemical risks.


For example, our WG-728L DEXCUT® features a full triple nitrile coating, Tsunooga™ high-performance polyethylene, mineral fibre and elastane. The Dexcut® WG-728L combines year-round cut protection, level E (ISO 13997) with exceptional abrasion resistance properties, as well as total impermeability to industrial and liquid oils.

On our product page, you can find a guide to help you find your perfect fit.