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are your gloves the right fit for you?

Protective gloves are some of the most important items of personal protective equipment (PPE), with the ability to reduce hand injuries by up to 60%. Having complete control and protection for your hands is a top priority and that’s why it’s so important to have not only the correct glove on for the task but also gloves that fit correctly.

Ensuring gloves fit properly is essential, as poorly-fitting gloves can increase the risk of accidents and not only just to yourself, to others as well. 70% of hand injuries are caused by workers wearing inadequate or incorrect gloves.

Wearing the wrong glove size can accelerate hand fatigue, compromise grip, and affect dexterity and comfort. Gloves can be so tight you are barely able to stretch and move your fingers, or so big that they fall off with ease.

Still a majority of workers don’t have their hand measured or know what size their hands are. As a result, this means finding the correct size glove becomes more challenging and expensive. This is why it’s so important for workers to know their hand sizes so they can wear gloves that actually fit.

To keep safe at work, you must ensure that your gloves are the right fit for you. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to PPE.


Wearing gloves that don’t fit correctly makes you more prone to accidents and hand injuries.

  • Decreases mobility and dexterity
  • Higher chance of cuts and rips in the glove
  • Higher chance of the gloves getting stuck in equipment
  • Increases stress on the hand causing hand fatigue
  • Increases impact of abrasion, cuts, knocks and scrapes
  • Negatively affects productivity
  • Reduces ability to grip tools and machinery
  • Won’t provide full protection

We believe everyone should be fully protected and safety should never be compromised.


Fit is the biggest contributing factor in worker comfort for all PPE, especially gloves. If the protective gloves don’t fit and aren’t comfortable, they cannot provide the necessary protection. This is because, no matter how good the gloves may be, if they aren’t comfortable, workers will not want to wear them and will be more prone to taking them off over the course of the work day.

Workers have frequently answered that they avoid wearing safety gloves due to them being uncomfortable to wear. They believe they are more comfortable and do a better job without gloves and that gloves got in their way. We’ve found that if they find the correct glove and correct size, they are more likely to keep their gloves on throughout the work day and will increase productivity.

So while it is important for workers to have the best hand protection for their task, it is as important that they have the correct size gloves on.


At Wonder Grip®, we understand that finding PPE gloves in sizes that fit correctly is a consistent struggle for women and men in the trade. 

It is common to find that many types of PPE equipment, including gloves, are adapted to the average-sized male worker, as a consequence of it being a male-dominated industry.

As many do not comply to this standard male worker model, it is not unusual to find that they have no choice but to wear ill-fitting gloves, increasing the chances of injury at work.  

To ensure everyone has access to our high-quality protective gloves, we manufacture a range of gloves from sizes 6 (XS) to size 12 (XXXL).


As a manufacturer, we have the ability to modify our manufacturing process to acclimate those who have hand anomalies and defects.

We can grant particular requests regarding unique hand shapes, within our capacity and capabilities, to guarantee everyone is able to be supplied with the best fit for them.